Yarnsworld audiobooks are on their way!

Back in 2016, when I released my first novel, I sent out a few emails to people or companies I wanted to work with, to let them know I existed, and to give myself something to do other than refresh my Amazon page all day.

One of those companies was Podium Publishing – they are an audiobook company best known for taking a gamble on Andy Weir’s then-unknown The Martian, and they have a history of working alongside independent authors.

In my email to them, I let them know I was aware I was too small-time to attract their attention, but I hoped someday we would be able to work together.

In December 2019, Podium got back in touch…

One of the biggest requests I’ve had over the years is for audiobooks of the Yarnsworld novels, but I’ve held off on organising anything myself as I knew I wanted to work with one of the big audiobook movers and shakers out there.

In 2020, Podium Audio (as they have recently renamed themselves) will be bringing you the first ever Yarnsworld audiobooks, and I’m certain you can imagine I am thrilled at the prospect! Work is already underway, and as soon as I have more updates, you will be the first to know…