Is the price for survival worth paying?

Through quick thinking, calm resolve, and just sheer guts, First Officer Choi Minjung has helped her crew survive their first months lost within the improbable Darkstar Dimension, avoiding disasters in the form of parasitic magical items, amorphous oozes that pursue their ship over the waves, and hungry horizon-spanning dragons.

However, Min’s crew are not the only beings stranded in the Darkstar Dimension.

When the peaceful Whalefleet – a race of dimensional travellers who sail across the night sky on the backs of massive, luminous creatures – are attacked, Min and her crew race to their aid, but in doing so draw the attention of a faceless, ancient foe that may hold the secrets to this land.

Min faces a choice: stand down and keep her people safe while the innocent Whalefleet suffers, or confront an impossible foe, risking all she has sworn to protect.

The Return of the Whalefleet is the second novel in the Darkstar series, an action-packed fantasy adventure set in a wonderfully strange and dangerous world.

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