Mark Lawrence, Sebastien De Castell… and the Magpie King?!

Wait, you ask – who is this Benedict Patrick fellow again? Isn’t he that Irish guy who wrote that book with the cool cover, that writer who never actually writes on his website?

Yup, that’s me. Here’s what’s coming up:

– An apology
– An anthology
– An update

The Apology

So, I never told you this, but one of my big goals for 2018 had been to put more time into keeping readers updated on what was happening, to include more info on my blog.

Clearly, I failed.

I’ve not been in touch since the start of the year, and for that I can only apologise. My focus has been captivated by the next Yarnsworld novel (more on that later) and the other projects I’ve been working on (more on those later, too), and instead I’ve neglected you.

I’m sorry, and I’ll do better.

Over the next few weeks I’ll catch you up on stuff that has been happening since I last updated the blog, as well as letting you be at the front of the queue when it comes to knowing about what is coming in the future.

So, time for catch-up #1…

Art of War

Earlier in 2018, I was honoured to have been included in this anthology of fantasy tales. Not only does Art of War involve some of my heroes in fantasy writing today (Mark Lawrence, Sebastien de Castell, Nicholas Eames), as well as an even larger number of writers I can call friends, whom I am convinced will be seen as heroes of the genre in a few years (you all know who you are), but the best bit is that all proceeds from the anthology go to support the charity Doctors Without Borders.

For Yarnsworld readers, Art of War contains an exclusive folktale, ‘The Feather and the Paw’, detailing the first ever meeting between the Magpie King and the ruler of the neighbouring Leone, the Lionfolk.

Check it out for some cool stories, and to support an even cooler charity.

From the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court

The fourth Yarnsworld novel is almost here!

How close is it?

Look for it when the leaves begin to fall…

(Also known as NEXT MONTH!)

Next time I get in touch, I’m going to be sharing the titles of the folktales within the book, HOWEVER, there is a way to check out those titles right now.

You may have heard of the Reading Knacks.

These guys are an elite group of readers, who I chat to pretty regularly on Facebook, and who are going to be getting their hands on the next book almost a month before it is released.

You can join the Knacks too.

I’m looking for a few more people to read Book 4 early, and to be ready to leave an honest review of the book on their local Amazon store when the book releases.

There is only one criteria for joining the Knacks – you have to have already read and reviewed at least one other Yarnsworld novel.

If you want into the elite team, contact me with a link to your existing Amazon review, and we’ll teach you the secret handshake…

Until next time…

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back in touch soon, with updates on other projects I’ve neglected to tell you about, and more info on the next book.

Until then, take care,