I’m attending FantasyCon, Glasgow 2019 this weekend!

I’m going be attending FantasyCon in Glasgow for the next few days, Friday 18th and Saturday 19th of October.

If you are there and want to say ‘hi’, just look around for the y’all Irish guy walking about like a deer in headlights (this is my first con as an author).

I’m also involved in the following panels:

Friday 5pm – It takes a village (working with other creatives), Inspiration Room Two

Friday 8pm – Stories through gaming, Dalhanna Room Four

Saturday 11am – A Bestiary of Scotland (Scottish Folklore), Auditorium Room One

Saturday 1pm – A short reading from one of my books! Dalhanna Room Four.


If you’re there and still can’t find me, the best way will be to reach out on Twitter @benedictpaddy

Looking toward to it, and excited to meet some friendly faces there!