Finally! Yarnsworld cover reveal, and preorder with bonus folktale for you TODAY!😱

After weeks of teasing, here it is – the cover for the next Yarnsworld book, From the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court!

And the best news is, the release date is only a few weeks away – 26th September! You can preorder your copy now, so you can dive back into the mysterious forest of the Magpie King as soon as the book goes live:

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I know two weeks can still be a long time to wait, so I’ve got some Yarnsworld goodness for you TODAY!

After you preorder your copy, send an image of your receipt to me at and you will get an exclusive  Yarnsworld folktale – The Fall of the Magpie King.

This story shows how the people of the Magpie King’s forest recall the events of They Mostly Come Out At Night, decades after it happened.

The question is: how accurately are those events remembered?

You’ve got to hurry, however, as The Fall of the Magpie King is only available before 26th September, so grab your copy today to not miss out!

As you can imagine, I’m a heady combination of excited and knackered right now, so time for me to go and lie down.

I just wanted to say thanks to you for hanging out on the journey to get this book into the world, and I can’t wait for you to meet Nascha, Bradan, and all the other denizens of the forest…

Until then, take care,