Book 4 folktales revealed!

I said I would be better about staying in touch, and here I am!
This is what I’ve got for you today:

– A weekly podcast
– Book 4’s folktales!

Time to get Crit Faced!

Last time I spoke, I mentioned a few things had been going on that I had neglected to tell you about. Crit Faced is one of those things.

For the past few years, myself and some fantasy author buddies (Josiah Bancroft, David Benem, Timandra Whitecastle and Philip Tucker) have been meeting up online to play Dungeons & Dragons together, and earlier this year we started a weekly podcast of our gaming sessions.

The podcast is madness – these guys are hilarious to listen to, and the characters they have come up with are fascinating. You don’t need to be a DnD fan to enjoy the story we are telling together.


From the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court

Book 4 releases next month!

To celebrate, as promised last time, here are the titles of the folktales featured in ‘Shadows’:

Tadita and the Acorns
Beyond the Border
The Fox’s Castle
The Girl and the Lake
The Owl Queen and the Serpents
The Lion Knight’s Quest
The First Man of the Forest
Artemis and the Owl Queen
The Claiming of the Woods

What do they mean? Who are they about? Not long now until you find out!

And next time I get in touch, it’ll be the moment everyone is waiting for – time to talk about the book cover.

I can’t wait!

Until then, take care,