Abalendu appears over at Fantasy Book Review!

Head over to Fantasy Book Review to meet Abalendu and his dragontoad (the most useless magical creature available)!

Remember, everyone who preorders can claim a copy of the EXCLUSIVE Yarnsworld short story Mister Rattlebones.

This is the first folktale from the Magpie King’s forest that is set AFTER the events of From the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court, which might give you a hint as to who stars in this particular folktale…

In order to claim your copy of Mister Rattlebones, contact me at benedict@benedictpatrick.com with your proof of purchase from Amazon.

(Don’t worry if you are holding out for a print copy – Mister Rattlebones will be available for a week after launch, and although the print copy is not available for preorder, it WILL be on sale on launch day!)