A great fantasy read, a tragic real-life tale…

I want to talk to you about a guy called Brandon Barr. You may have heard about him. Brandon is a USA Today bestselling fantasy author. Brandon is a husband, and father to three boys.
Brandon is dying.
That’s a pretty bitter pill to swallow, and I’m truly sorry to darken your day with this news, but there is a slight silver lining to this terrible story.
Despite his health issues, Brandon has worked hard to complete a new fantasy series, to provide for his family after he is gone. He succeeded, and released the first book last week.
Here it is:

The support from the fantasy community for Rise of the Seer has been phenomenal, and the book has already been tearing up the charts online (as well as gathering a crazy amount of critical success).

You read this blog because you like reading fantasy books.

Today, you can get an awesome book, AND make a huge difference to a family going through hell.

Head HERE to find out more about Brandon, his books, and how we can all help.


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